Balanced Training

by Molly on June 28, 2013

The last training plan that I successfully completed, wasn’t preparation for a race of any distance, it was preparation for living life in a whole new way with a bonus of achieving a new level of professional development: 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training.

In the past couple of years, early spring evolving into summer has meant prime time to train for perhaps a May or June race: a new distance, a new time, (personal improvement over a past PR), a new place. Now well into the Summer of 2013, I am reflecting on the past few months of training and how spring “training” has been more about finding a balance in life rather than building and logging mileage.

This need to find a training balance has been the result of several factors: returning to work outside our home after being a full-time mom the past 5 years, balancing that work with the higher priorities of faith and family, and discovering the complimentary mind/body benefits of yoga meditation and asana practice.

Upon finishing the 10 week, 200 hour Yoga training, knowing that I am both motivated by and successfully accountable to a training schedule, I immediately signed up for a half-marathon – sighting the 10 weeks to race date and settling into a new training plan.

With the race date of the Sand Creek Half in Denver Central Park quickly approaching, (Saturday, July 13th), admittedly, I have missed a few runs but balanced those days biking with my husband and kids  and shortened a long-run but lengthened those running muscles by practicing or teaching yoga.

A balanced training plan as a running mom (as you are bound to discover on your own) doesn’t always mean: Easy run, tempo workout, long-slow run, and rest day. Some days it means hitting the trail with my five-year old biking alongside, sudden bursts of energy peddling fast from her

Sunny spring training run on the trails with my little training partner on wheels!

as well as her water-stops when I run circles around her to keep the ole’ heart rate up! Some days it means a hot yoga class, melting into pigeon to release that pesky piriformis! And everyday it means running between the kitchen and laundry room, kids’ friends’ houses, swimming pool, library, and sports practices with a kiss on the cheek for the hubby in between!


So now, just over two weeks til’ I toe the starting line of my next half-marathon, I embrace my training where it is today, the opportunity to get a long run in around the lake in Minnesota on vacation in the next week, balanced with watching our 3 kids learn to water ski.


The Go Running Mom Balanced Training Plan Challenge to you is : Take a deep breath, commit to a training plan that you can balance with your faith, your family, your priorities, and your passion for living!

Get up, Get Out, and Go Running!

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Heather Young June 29, 2013 at 7:25 am

Hey Mols! Congrats again on your 200 hour certification! What a wonderful accomplishment! This journal entry absolutely speaks to me. While I love to run, I really enjoy mixing things up and when we can do physical activity with the kids. Spending the day at the water park means lots walking and LOTS of stairs. :) With busy lives we have to prioritize… and we are teaching our kids that physical activity is an important (ie “Step away from the video games!”) And your comment on hot yoga hit home as this week I felt great through my practice… until I got to pigeon! Gotta loosen up that dang piriformis! :)

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